LuckyMe announces Sam O.B's debut album 'Positive Noise'

The New York producer, formerly known as Obey City, will release his first full-length in August.

Sam O.B.'s debut album, Positive Noise, is upcoming on LuckyMe.

New York artist and Astro Nautico label co-founder Samuel Obey has been pushing a mix of R&B, soul, hip-hop and bass music for around eight years. For most of that time, he was known as Obey City. Recently, citing a shift towards more use of live instruments, his own voice, and traditional song structures, he changed his production moniker to Sam O.B., and put out two digital singles, "Midnight Blue" and "Common Ground," through LuckyMe as previews for his first full-length effort. The Glasgow label, home to the two Obey City vinyl EPs—2013's Champagne Sounds and 2015's Kelela-featuring Merlot Sounds—is now set to issue Positive Noise in August.