UK Music Supports Lords' Recommendations To Protect Music Venues

UK Music has backed the House of Lords committee’s recommendations to widen the ‘agent of change’ principle to help venues and to simplify the licensing process.

UK Music chief executive Jo Dipple in conversation with said: “We agree with the committee when it says the Licensing Act is fundamentally flawed. That is why the Live Music Act was unanimously supported when proposed as a private member’s bill by Lord Clement Jones.  It is welcome, therefore, that the Lords’ committee report clearly recognises the impact of the Live Music Act. UK Music agrees that more needs to be done to spread awareness of its benefits to local and national government. 

“UK Music asks government to take forward the Lords suggestion that a full ‘agent of change’ principle for planning and licensing guidance be introduced. If implemented, recommendations to introduce an agent of change principle and ditch the late night levy will make a big difference to the provision of music across the UK’s cities and regions. A proposed ‘fifth objective’ for licensing decisions, which would enable local authorities to weigh up positive cultural impacts, would also have helped and it is a pity the committee did not accept this.”

In November last year, in light of increasing club closures, London mayor Sadiq Khan appointed the US comedian Amy Lamé as ‘night tsar’ to make sure London has a 24-hour culture it can be proud of.