Review: Lorde - Green Light

It’s been almost four years since Lorde released her debut single, "Royals," which quickly received wide acclaim for her unorthodox vocals and mesmerizing production.  By criticizing overly extravagant lifestyles, the fresh sixteen year old topped the music charts and established herself as a unique new talent worthy of her worldwide acclaim.

In the time between her first hit and the newly released single, "Green Light," it is clear that the now twenty year old has done a significant amount of growing up. "Green Light" is a complex compilation of dynamic synth and rolling piano, a sure result of her collaboration with Jack Antonoff of fun. and Bleachers who produced her new album, "Melodrama."  No longer the restrained teen, this track is a revelation of the true, uninhibited Lorde.  Shedding the previous music video's aesthetic of whitewashed walls and minimalistic decor, Lorde traverses neon-lit streets at the dead of night while belting out lyrics influenced by her first heartbreak.  If this vibrant and forceful single is any indication for what she has in store for us with the rest of her album, we can be sure that Lorde is ready to dominate the charts once again.