New Remix Alert: - Kygo - Raging ft Kodaline (LZRD Remix)

“Raging” remains one of our favorite tracks from Kygo’s debut album, Cloud Nine. And like most of the tracks from the album, “Raging” is pretty mellow and lowkey, never really going above a 4 or so on the “raging” scale.

That being said, LZRD has taken the track and turned it up to a 12. And don’t try to plug it into any specific genre, either, because it’s useless. This is just purely good music with no pigeon hole in mind, and all eyes set toward raging with friends and a glass in your hand.

While in the original, Kodaline croons into a drop of the same relative intensity, LZRD embraces the lead and goes above and beyond. This is pure fun and we never want it to end.

Listen below