512 Discovers: - Sonnets and Sisters

Hailing from Dundalk, Ireland, Sonnets and Sisters are a four-piece band that has recently experienced notable and well-deserved attention.  The self-proclaimed Folk-pop group focuses on both original material as well as fresh and inspired covers from the likes of Fleetfoxes and Crosby, Still & Nash.  Vocals by Stephanie Winters, Anton Hande, and Saidhbhin Gorham come together to create ethereal harmonies, which are matched by wistful lyrics.  According to the band, the name 'Sonnets and Sisters' was chosen to encapsulate this direction of their music, as well as the "family type bond" amongst the members.

After a year of performing at some of Ireland's most exciting venues, including the Spirit Store and Electric Picnic, their most recent single, Silence, was released in November of 2016.  The track is remarkably vulnerable, with seamlessly intertwined vocals that soar above the piano's gentle chords.  Pleased with a sound that they have determined as "their own," Sonnets and Sisters are eager to continue spreading their name and art throughout Ireland, and after that, who knows?  With a beauty hard to come by in the present music industry, this group deserves all of the recognition paid to them, and more.