New Trio B.O.Y Are ‘Winning’ In New Single

Up next are B.O.Y (Be Only You) a trio of girls hailing from the states bringing a fusion of R&B, Hip Hop and Soul to their music and are now hitting the scene with their single ‘Winning’.

The new single follows inspiration of the early stages of a romantic relationship otherwise known as the honeymoon period to many.

“Winning is about a woman recognising her partners worth. Sometimes it’s up to us to be encouraging, we see you fellas! ‘Winning’ is how your partner should make you feel, like you won the lottery!”

The girls have quite a fresh style compared to other girl groups out now, and also write and compose their music. Lets see how this music thing works out for them and check out the girls, Gianni Chapman, Miesha Green and Summer Killen paint ball in the video below.

Written by Roxanne McKenzie