The Ultimate Work/Study Playlist

Written by Emma Taylor

I grew up listening mainly to classic rock thanks to my Dad.  My childhood Saturdays were marked by coming down the stairs in the morning to the familiar chord progressions of either The Who or The Kinks.  While my taste in music has evolved since then, it has never strayed far from this genre, which is why, while recently browsing YouTube, I was shocked to find that I enjoyed something I had never even considered.

On February 26th, the channel Chilled Cow started a broadcast, which up to this day has remained continuously online.  Titled "lo-fi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to" I had no idea what to expect when I clicked to open the feed for the first time.  My ears were met with the gentle crackle of an old record player and a soft mix of synthesisers.

The next song featured the patter of rain and a steady beat, which seemed to dictate the tap of my fingers on the keyboard.  I could feel my stress slowly seeping away, and I watched the video's chat roll by as people commented on how the stream was getting them through their workday or school assignments.  This community is approximately 5,000 strong at any given time- the largest herd of chilled cows I've ever imagined.

Listen to an epic set below