Review: Moby and the Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost In The World Like Me

A surge in technology has brought us to a time of great paradox.  As a global society we are more connected than ever before, yet on an interpersonal level, people could not be any more separated.  While we've been shutting the world out and hiding behind out screens, Moby remains alert and vigilant.  As a vegan and activist, he recently opened Little Pine, an all vegan restaurant in Silver Lake, California.  While we have been distracted by technology, he released his latest single and music video "Are You Lost In The World Like Me?"


Paired with mesmerising animation by Steve Cutts, this track is like a chant pleading our society to wake up from a nightmare and liberate ourselves from the robotic existence we've fallen into.  While one boy desperately appeals for attention amongst the crowds, the rest of the world remains ignorant of their steady decline. In the last frame of the video, they jump like lichens from a cliff, still attached to their phones. 

The boy's desperation is matched by Moby's voice calling out for someone who sees the world like he does.  Perhaps we are imprisoned by our screens, just like the cartoon.  Perhaps we have become less compassionate, and perhaps we are ignorant to an impending apocalyptic end.  To Moby this is not just another song- this is an alarm, if only we could open our eyes.