New Song Alert: DJ Zedd & Alessia Cara - Stay

Written by Roxanne McKenzie

Electronic producer DJ Zedd and singer Alessia Cara have joined forces for his latest single ‘Stay’. The tune is dance oriented with an electronic feel and features the sounds of a clock ticking, robots as Cara uses her vocals pleading for her lover to stay over the funky electro beat of DJ Zedd’s signature production.

In a recent release interview, Zedd explained, “I think this song is right in the middle between where Alessia is musically and where I am and that’s what’s so exciting about it… I’ve been trying to knock down barriers around music genres and this is another step for me to walk towards a musical future where I can create any genre I want without people putting me in a box.”

Watch the lyric video. It takes you through of a journey of calming deserted areas as the touching words appear in a sequence.