Stormzy Explores Uncharted Terrorities With Debut Album

Written by Daniel Soloye

The London-based grime artist releases heavily anticipated album GSAP and it is a pleasant surprise. The 23-year-old star seems like an overnight sensation with rapid acclaim from hit records like ‘Shut Up’ and ‘Know Me From’ but this album solidifies him as one of the best musicians in the UK, period.

Conceptually, this project diverges between religion and reality, following the rappers tough childhood growing up in the streets of South London without a father figure. He is able to cohesively discuss his Christian faith with tracks like ‘Blinded by Faith pt 1 & 2’ whilst also powerfully exploring his complex relationship with South London in records like ‘Don’t Cry for Me’.

Still delivering his trademark grime sound with ‘Mr Skeng, Big For Your Boots & Cold’ and a legendary phone interlude from imprisoned rapper ‘Crazy Titch’, Stormzy’s unexpected shift in musical territory provides a surprising, yet amazing audio experience. ‘Cigarettes and Cush, Velvet & 21 Gun Salute’ showcases Stormzy’s diversity as somewhat of a RnB singer when necessary. And funnily enough, we are here for it!

Whilst GSAP is not a completely perfect debut, the rapper can take huge acclaim for his attention to detail and confidence to challenge new territories outside of his Grime norm. One thing is for sure, Stormzy is much more than a Grime artist and needs to be respected as a such.

You can listen to his album here

Stand out tracks  

  1. Bad Boys
  2. Blinded by Faith pt 1
  3. Velvet/Jenny Francis Interlude
  4. Blinded by Faith pt 2
  5. Big for your boots
  6. 100 bags
  7. Don’t Cry For Me