New EP Release: Aschella & Ween Deep – Emotional World EP

If you love Techno, this is an EP that you will have to take in, front to back, back to front.

There are few duos that can produce the level of techno wizardry quite like Aschella & Ween Deep with their EP ‘Emotional World’. Released on the 17th of Feb, the French artists combined their talents, love for techno music and unique sounds to compile an EP that could easily compete for project of the year.

Stand out record ‘Magic Dub’ is 6 minutes of unadulterated bliss with an eclectic yet eerie vibe that keeps you sucked in.

This is something we definitely recommend listening to, more than once of course.  


  1. Aschella & Ween Deep – Magic Dub
  2. Ween Deep – L’Evasion
  3. Aschella – Ice Storm