About Us.

512 London is an exciting party place set in the heart of Hackney's entertainment hub "Dalston Village".

You will find the cool crowd heads to 512 London for a night of serious sweating on the dance floor that doesn’t stop until 6am. If ever a venue punches above its weight it's 512 London.  Set in an old Victorian pub from the outside it looks quite ordinary, inside the decoration is minimal not far off a blank canvas with an edgy feel that represents the cultural Dalston mix allowing promoters and artists to design to taste.

For those with a passion for late night partying 512 London is converted into a kaleidoscope of lights, music and gyrating bodies dancing to the pounding beats of techno, house, R&B and other genres of music.

512 London is not a venue to be messed with when it comes to partying hard, from the moment you step into the venue the party starts, the vibe hits you and you know you are not leaving until the Party's done.

So next time you want to know what the Dalston Hype is all about, come to the heart of good music and ask anyone to point you in the direction of 512 London. 



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